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SOUND MAGUS - Distribuitor exclusiv !
Soundmagus Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional car amplifier manufacturer and designer. We are applying the latest technologies on our digital car amplifiers. Since 2000, we developed both Class-AB, Class-D and 5 channel series amplifiers with our unique advanced circuit frame and ideas. This leads us becoming one of the most competitive car amplifier suppliers.

SOUNDMAGUS was established in 2000, bases on surviving by quality, developing by technology, winning by the competitive price and overall service, aims to build a famous brand. Our products are exported to most of the countries. During many years business experience we have gained a great reputation on this field.

SOUNDMAGUS has strong capital support. We have automatic production lines and accurate testing applications to assure the stable quality. Mature management system, strong product development power and manufacturing capability also make SOUNDMAGUS to be the winner on the Car Amplifier field. We have passed the certificate of E8 and E27. Now we're applying for ISO-9001 international quality management system authorities. The whole company's quality and efficiency is being developed continuously.
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